Slide Professional Comprehensive PCB Layout Services Professional Comprehensive PCB Layout Services

We are experienced with designing PCBs from the simplest and smallest single layer PCB to complex high density multi layer designs.

We can be involved as much or as little as required. From purely laying out a PCB from a provided schematic to taking on the whole product design.

Our Orcad PCB Designer CAD package can export designs to 3D formats for integration into industrial design tools such as Solidworks and PTC Creo (Pro engineer)

Take a look at some of the PCB layouts we have designed for our clients.

PCB Layout Expertise

  • Single sided to 8 or more layers
  • Mixed technology, PTH, SMD & BGA
  • Rigid, Flex-Rigid & Flexible PCB’s
  • HDI designs with blind & buried via’s
  • Hi-Speed digital
  • Sensitive analogue electronics
  • EMC reduction techniques
  • IMS designs for enhanced thermal performance