CircuitWorx are ThingStream’s primary design house and manufacturing facility for ThingStream Buttons, Modules and Development Starter Kits.

Our Engineers provided a full electronics design and development service, working closely with industrial designers from Think Refine, to transform the initial Button concept through several prototype phases and ultimately into a market-ready product. CircuitWorx also designed and produce the Starter Kit consisting of a development base board and module, to enable rapid integration into new product designs.

We now handle all manufacturing, producing high volumes of Buttons for ThingStream clients, all of which leave us tested, boxed and ready to go.

Our team are also helping ThingStream clients get to market, with bespoke ThingStream connected products or customised ThingStream Buttons.

To find out more or place an order give on of our engineers a call on 01722 349060 or send us an email with your requirements to