#ThisIsEngineering 2020


Today is the Royal Academy of Engineering’s This Is Engineering Day, with a special focus this year on celebrating the difference that engineers are making in the world.

From access to clean water and electricity, to technologies and transport that help us keep in touch with other people, engineers have made a difference to almost every aspect of our lives. They also play a really important role in tackling some of the biggest challenges society faces, from Covid-19 to climate change. Our mobile phones, clothes, the games we play, music we listen to and films we watch have all been made possible in some way by engineers.

To showcase some of the incredible technologies engineers have brought to the world, the Royal Academy of Engineering is also launching a brand new Museum of Engineering Innovation. The Museum celebrates the often-unseen engineering that is all around us. It serves to shine a spotlight on the engineers that are making a difference to our everyday lives. Tailor-made for the pandemic era, the museum features exhibits from all over the country and is accessible via the museum QR Code. A preview of the exhibits is available at Google Arts & Culture

And here at CircuitWorx of course we’re always working on a wide range of interesting projects for our clients that really do make a difference…

  • We’re making a difference by designing electronics and software for UV robots and helping the fight against viruses and bacteria.
  • We’re making a difference by designing electronics and software for electric scooters and helping build sustainable transport for the future.
  • We’re making a difference by designing electronics and software for a remote water pollution monitoring system and helping manage clean waterways for the future.

…and many more projects besides!  So if you’re looking for a rewarding, varied and exciting career, why not think about joining the CircuitWorx team? 

Or if you’ve got an electronics product idea that you want to bring to reality, give one of our friendly engineers a call today to discuss how together we can #BeTheDifference.