CircuitWorx – new name for CircuitByte, same excellent design services


Our first year of providing dependable electronics design services has been an even greater success than we dreamed. We’ve worked on everything from upgrading existing industrial products to prototyping new medical devices; from Flow Meters, Automated Optical Inspection machines and Power Shower pumps through to a Cryosurgical tool and an innovative new solution for Home Heating.

Along the way we’ve been delighted to expand our team of experienced engineers to support our growing client base.

As we look forward to further exciting times ahead, we are pleased to introduce our new name: CircuitWorx.

Circuitworx Electronics Product Design Server

This follows the discovery that, around the same time as we launched CircuitByte, a German company had also decided to rebrand with that same name and was able to retrospectively claim the European trademark based on their prior German trademark. Rather than use our valuable time and resources to challenge the trademark, we have decided to simply rebrand so we can continue to focus our attention on providing a quality service to our clients. Accordingly, from November 2015, CircuitByte will be changing our name to trade as CircuitWorx.

Most importantly, we want to stress that it is just our name that is changing. We are still the same healthy growing company, in a strong financial position, with a passionate team of engineers and solid client partnerships. Please do contact us with any questions about our name change or to discuss how CircuitWorx can help you turn your electronics and software ideas into reality.