Bigger, better new home for CircuitWorx


CircuitWorx are excited to have moved into our bigger, better new home.

Our lovely new unit is in the countryside halfway between Salisbury and Southampton. We’re really pleased to have a dedicated ground floor lab area for R&D hardware prototyping and small scale production work, with plenty of room for all our power supplies, oscilloscopes, signal generators, toolboxes and sundry other bits and bobs that we can’t function without. Upstairs is a separate meeting room for private client meetings (or just so we can concentrate without being disturbed) and a nice airy office space.

We’ve kept the same phone number to make things simple for everyone but please note our new address if you’re posting anything to us.  And of course we’d love to show you round our new facilities – please give us a call if you’d like to come and visit, and we’ll be sure to stick the kettle on for you!