Slide Our clear and concise design process is logical and proven to deliver successful projects Our clear and concise design process is logical and proven to deliver successful projects

How We Work

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We explore your product, the target cost and volume. We look at the problems and needs your product is aimed at fulfilling. Using our experience we investigate the feasibility of creating your product within the target time-scales and cost. Identifying areas of risk.

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After exploring the feasibility of creating your product, we focus on the areas of technical risk. Performing some initial bench testing of suitable technologies helps us to understand and mitigate these risks.

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Compiling the information captured during the Explore and Evaluate phases we create a specification highlighting the key features and performance required. This becomes the agreed input specification for the prototype design and details the bounds of the project moving forward.

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With our agreed specification, we begin to create the first prototype. Selecting components with the help of our industry contacts. Creating schematics, laying out the PCB and commissioning the build of a small number for initial development. Designing and implementing the core functionality of the embedded firmware.

Towards the end of the Engineer phase we review the design against the specification, capturing changes.

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The previous prototype design is improved and built upon to create a refined prototype. Schematics and PCB layout are updated and embedded firmware features are added.

The design is verified against the specification and documentation for the products manufacturing created.

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Moving in to manufacture we support you by finding the best assembly partner to meet your needs. assisting you with regulatory testing and approvals submission.

We can design and build test rigs and procedures to reduce build costs and ensure your clients are satisfied with your quality product.